In english

Teatterikone translated in english is same as Theatermachine.

We are a fringe theater from Jyväskylä, Finland. Our office is located nearby the Jyväskylä university, at Seminaarinmäki 28, 40100 Jyväskylä. We do not have a regular theaterspace of our own. All our plays are made to be played in changing venues. We do a lot of theater and music for children and shows to firm partys.

Laulukone – Songmachine

If you have something on your mind, anything that disturbs you – don´t worry, Songmachine can help! All you have to do is tell the concern-collectors what´s on your mind and they will throw it into the Songmachine and sing it away.

Songmachine is a participatory show that will hopefully leave you worryfree for the rest of the night.

Concerncollector Jorma can handle a group of 5 to 30 persons by himself. When there are 30-80 participants, the best result will be made with two conserncollectors, and if there are more revellers, a third concerncollector comes aboard.

For more information please contact our Program Manager Aaro Vuotila aaro[a]

Interaction training

We also offer interaction training for workplaces. For more information of our trainings in english please contact our Training Manager Kirsi Sulonen kirsi[a]